Author: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Betul Gulalp

Sum Of The Last Guideline; Emergency Ultrasound; Released by ACEP, 2016


*Emergency point of care ultrasound is an essential skill in applications performed, interpreted and integrated in clinical practice by Emergency physicians.

*Scope of Emergency Ultrasound; Resuscitation, diagnostic, based on symptoms or findings, interventional guidance, and monitoring/therapeutic categories can then be allocated. 

*Here you find various Emergency Ultrasound core applications; Trauma, pregnancy, abdominal aorta, cardiac/hemodynamic evaluations, biliary, urinary system, deep vein thrombosis, thoracic, soft tissue/muscle skeletal, ocular, intestines and interventional practices.

*Training and competency should include; Didactic, experiential and integrative components. 

*The training of Emergency Ultrasound should be integrated into curriculum and experience of patient care in the residency programme of Emergency Medicine completely.

*Emergency US, without external certification, should be evaluated as a core knowledge/proficiency for emergency physicians in modern health care systems.

*Ultrasound quality control and management is required physician orientation, assigned US equipment, digital devices in management and suitable resources including opportunities in quality control.  

*Bedside US programmes in health systems managed by Emergency Physicians optimally should be supported with leadership, quality improvement, training, and purchasing the hardware and software and continuous maintanence.

*Emergency US is a modality that should be reimbursed and valued, independent of history of patient, physical examination and medical decision.

*Emergency Physician experienced advanced US should contribute in clinical ultrasonography in the department, institution, health system within national and international levels.

*Developing technologies, training and applications can provide the new approaches in the care of emergency patients, efficiency and new methods.


                                                                                                                                             Mehmet Ali Aslaner,MD

                                                                                                                                                  Asc.Prof.Betul Gulalp,MD


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Author: Dr. Mehmet Ali Aslaner · 24 January 2018