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Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey Ultrasound Working Group (EMATUS), which started its activities in 2007, has provided bedside ultrasound trainings to many emergency medicine physicians and residents so far and has achieved to present written sources. We have conducted similar studies with many groups of physicians working in critical patient care together. Ultrasound has been a tool that allows to increase the quality in care, safety and contributes to patient satisfaction in emergency departments where health care service is provided to everybody in need for 7/24.  

Now, we are taking a new step with this mission and vision. As in developed countries, we have planned a new source both in Turkish and in English on the use of bedside ultrasonography that is open to all physicians to enhance the knowledge of them, and the source will include current cases, visual and written data prepared by both the physicians following our page and the EMATUS members.

We wish that our website, where all trainings and research activities are announced, will be a pleasant educational tool for physicians that will be within easy reach during bedside patient care and shifts.

Yours sincerely to all.

Hope to see you and be together with EMATUS!

Aslıhan Yuruktumen Unal, M.D., FEMAT

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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018