Dear Members Of Emergency Medicine,


Emergency Medicine Association Of Turkey Ultrasound Working Group (EMATUS) was succeed in two activities by the devotion of 34 members attended in the 9th Asian Emergency Medicine Congress, was held  in Antalya on November 22nd - 25th, 2017.

One of them was;

In November 24, the point of care ultrasound competition, became a brand,  named as "The Sono-Whitcher; Wild Hunt 2017" was organized by the efforts of 29 instructors devotedly.

While the application was limited in only 6 teams, as a result of 11 teams were completed the 5 different steps of the competition with a huge demand.

The champion was;

  • The Group Name; Anechoic Powers
  • Ozgur Sadioglu,MD and Necip Gunel,MD.
  • Emergency Medicine Department Sakarya University


The 2nd winner

  • The Group Name; The Last Minute
  • Caglar Kuas,MD and Nazlı Ozcan,MD
  • Emergency Medicine Department Eskisehir Osmangazi University


The 3rd Winner

International Competitors

  • Group Name; Group Malaysia Bohen 
  • Anas Amri,MD and Ahmed Ghaus,MD

They were rewarded with cameras and book cheques that were presented as gifts  by the Fujifilm Sonosite in gala dinner.


Competition Details:

Sono-Witcher Wild Hunt,

Each team has a couple of participants; Emergency Physicians and/or Residents.

Preliminary Information Meeting with competitors; Rules, details, assessment process, gifts of the original EMATUS competition t-shirts, determination of specific clothes or accessories by teams.

There are 5 different steps to be completed in different and independent 5 stations; Against Time!

Each station has different mentors; At least 2; EUS instructors and all are Emergency Medicine Physicians residency based. Assessment forms are filled and signed by the mentors in stations. Completion period is recorded in each step.

Transit areas have co-mentors, also.

Achievement is not only to update the guideline core content and improve the skills of performing, but also it provides the solution methods in emergency patients by POCUS interpretation with lots of fun, excitement and team spirit.


1st.stat.    Define the sign and possible diagnosis in videos (including the knowledge in current POCUS guidelines core content and literature). Each time new cases are presented.

2nd stat.   Get the best view performed blindfold on patient according to the description of other teammate sighted.

3rd stat.    Interventional POCUS.

4th stat.    POCUS performation in ambulance. 

5th stat.    Rubic’s cube.


Point system; Each station has 100 points in scoring system for the team.

The assessment, evaluation meeting by the instructors.

Feedback system is essential and it is written.

In every part there are surprises.


It is the only international POCUS/EUS competition in the world with lots of music, enthusiasm, excitement and fun experienced all together!

For other details feel the soul of Sono-Witcher Wild Hunt, Turkey.


Click here for international ultrasonography course.


We present our endless appreciate and respect to all of our participants, EMATUS members, the organization committee of 9th. ACEM, the board members of EMAT for the opportunity to introduce and share the passion and enthusiasm in point of care ultrasound with the world!


Ozlem Dikme,MD

Asc.Prof. Aslihan Yuruktumen Unal,MD



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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018